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Hello! I know everyone is busy, so this isn’t solely a reason for me to be extra… I wanted to give everyone as much information as possible in order to be more efficient! I’ve already reserved tables at all listed restaurants, but in order to make sure you have a seat at the table and activities, please take the time to RSVP in the Google Forms. I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone!

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Friday, March 22nd

Punch Bowl Social

baile dancing GIF by Juli

Dinner | 7:00 pm

Activities & Drinks | 8:00 pm


Saturday, March 23rd

Dance 411 Twerk-Fit Class

turn up dancing GIF by Quinta vs. Everything

Arrive | 11:15 am

Class Starts | 11:30 am

Cost | $20


Bad Axe Throwing

max holloway axe throwing GIF by UFC

Time | 4:30 pm

Cost | $24 per hour


Birthday Dinner | Tuk Tuk Thai

birthday grandma GIF by ViralHog

Time | 7:30 pm


An Art Kick-Back  | Address on Google Map

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Time | 9:30 pm

BYOB if you real! There’s a possibility of going out to dance after a few drinks.

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Sunday, March 24th

Birthday Brunch | Canoe

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Time | 12:00 pm


–>Google Map of All Venues<–

–>RSVP for Events<–

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